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I love the feeling of getting stronger. It’s addicting.

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Sept when u chomp down refined sugar laced pizza u eat healthy. Good to hear u look out for ur health. Im glad to hear ur attitude seems better than its been in the even recent past. Its alright to joke but too much of anything is so annoying! Especially when not everyone takes things as a joke. And there are some serious things happening in life today. its very sad when ppl joke about war and corruption and death all the time. Their nothingnto b taken lightly.

Well comic relief is how some people deal with the more serious issues. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about them it’s just how some people choose to cope!

Message me!! who wanna chat n then regret it bc school tmr? :-)


Leather Daddy

Boston, MA

Winter/ Early Spring 2014?

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Don’t leak nudes

Leak pictures of SPIDER-MAN


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I like you a lot better now that your not a GMO eating zombie.

I’ve always ate healthy!! I was a vegetarian in middle school and vegan in highschool! Haha I’m a very mindful eater unlike the rest of my family



i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

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Please please please post more pics of u in mini skirts please! Your so sexy please!

Hahaha if I decide to wear a skirt and decide to take a pic in it then I will!

theres sand all the way on that spot you found. know what that means right it means the ocean water level used to extend all the way to that point. not that high. I mean that all those houses below used to be ocean and below that spot used to be beach. now you know if a tsunami were to hit how far inland it would travel. I can tell by the plants I see and the sand on that hill top. so basically the entire sunset neighborhood would be wiped out. it could happen in our life times. very interesting

Or they put it there but ya it’s on a really big hill so I doubt any tsunami could reach that high up like honestly you can’t see how far the land really goes til it hits the beach in that pic.

just cuz you wear a mini skirt it does not make you a ho. that's the most idiotic logic iv ever heard of. what makes someone a hoe is fucking for cash or rewards. not to say if your in a relationship and you fuck for favors or deals that makes you a hoe, it does not. if your with someone who you like and you fuck for a favor if your in a closed relationship that makes you a good girlfriend. anyone who says otherwise is either crazy or stupid or both.